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LIONS FACTS: The SIGHT FIRST Program has spent over $415 million helping visually impaired.

The Lions Center for the Visually Impaired (LCVI) is one of 2 local organizations we support through Fundraising.  Located at 175 Alvarado Ave., Pittsburg, CA 94565, you can check out their website at  Their phone# is (925) 432-3013.  Their fax # is: (925) 432-7014


The LCVI Mission is to "strive to ensure the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired through the development of their independence and self confidence.  Special emphasis is placed on assisting those suffering from age-related degenerative eye disease resulting in progressively failing vision.  We provide clinics for the early detection of degenrative eye diseases, rehabilitation support in the form of daily living skills and mobility training, and aftercare delivered through support groups and counseling. Recreational activities and special events help boost our client's quality of life.  All services are provided free of charge in keping with our Lions tradition.


Upcoming Event supporting LCVI is the Luau scheduled for April 11, 2015


LIONS CENTER FOR THE BLIND is located at 2115 Broadway in Oakland, CA.  Thieer phone # is: (510) 450-1580; Fax # (510) 654-360;


Their mission is "to empower and enrich the lives of the Blind and Visually Impaired Community" by providing "opportunities and tools through education and training" to those they serve.


LIONS IN SIGHT of California and Nevada is the division that works with Lions International Eyeglass Recycling Center for the Western United States.  Website:


Lions In Sight Objectives are:

*  To serve as the Regional Eyeglasses Recycling Center

*  To provide clinic trips to developing nations to prescribe and dispense recycled

    eyeglasses to those in need.

*  To provide recycles eyeglasses worldwide and ensure the eyeglases are

    appropriately prescribed and distributed.





The Lions Wilderness Camp for Deaf Children has been operating since 1980 and serves deaf or hard of hearing children from ages 6-15 for 3 weeks a summer. The Norther California Camp is hosted at Camp Ross Relles in Nevada City. The kids learn basic survival techniques under the guidance of professionals at no cost to them or their families.





This group runs out of Santa Rosa and has been operational since 1983.  They provide specially trained assistance dogs for people with physical, developmental and hearing disabilities.  Whether ti is turning on a light switch for a wheelchair user or alerting a person who is deaf to the sound of a fire alarm.  CCI assistance dogs help make self-sufficient living a reality.  With their canine companions, hundreds of people with disabilities are now experiencing freedon and trueindependence - a lifestyle that many only dreamed of before.

If you know someone who could benefit from having one of these dogs as a life companion, call : 877-865-7224 for more information  


Graduation for deaf dog companions are held every 4 months and for all other dogs are held every 3 months.


District Governor Announces New Portable Eye Testing Equipment to Help Expand Free Eye Tests

More to come...

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